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Oil changes are a critical part of vehicle maintenance, so we understand that it’s important to drivers to take their vehicle somewhere they trust. We are delighted by our frequent customers trust in us, and we constantly work to earn that trust through top quality service with every oil change. If you’re looking for qualified automotive technicians for your next oil change in Meriden CT, then stop by Langan Volkswagen of Meriden.

Our automotive professionals know how to get the job done right, but they also know how to complete the job quickly. We understand that vehicle maintenance can cut into your busy schedule, so we commit ourselves to having you back on the road in no time. That being said, we won’t ever take shortcuts. Your vehicle only leaves our service department when the job is finished to the highest quality.

Service Coupons Meriden CT

service coupons meriden ct

At Langan Volkswagen of Meriden, we strive to make service as affordable as possible for our customers. We love to save you money, and keeping our prices affordable is one way we help you do that.

We also frequently offer service coupons, so don’t forget to take a look at our deals before you stop by. Having to get your vehicle serviced isn’t always fun, but we try to relieve the stress as much as possible by helping you save money with each visit. Take a look and see just how affordable vehicle service can be at Langan Volkswagen of Meriden. Be sure to keep checking back in the future for new coupons and updates.

Schedule a Service Appointment Online

Since vehicle service can be a hassle for those with busy schedules, we strive to make the process as easy as possible for our customers. That is why we provide you with the opportunity to schedule a service appointment right on our website. Whether it’s an oil change or something else, just tell us what time works best for you.

Once you’ve made an appointment and brought your vehicle in, our service technicians will get to work performing your requested service. If your vehicle is having problems, our knowledgeable automotive team can work to diagnose the problem for you and find a solution. Whenever you visit Langan Volkswagen of Meriden, you will find a professional staff committed to serving your needs.

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Why Is Synthetic Oil More Expensive:

Sometimes a customer will say “I saw an oil change service advertised for $29.00 at a local station.  Why should I come to you”?  At that price you can be certain that SYNTHETIC engine oil was not being provided.

Why Use Synthetic Engine Oil:

Durability and flow are the short answers. To elaborate, synthetic oils tend to be much more resistant to wear-out issues, and flow much better than mineral-based oils of similar ratings during the critical “cold engine” start-up period.  In days past, conventional mineral-based engine oils and their additive packages were basically destroyed, lubrication-wise, by a 5,000 mile use cycle.  Many of lesser quality had all but expired by the 3,000 mile mark, with the ability to flow readily at low ambient temperatures severely compromised.  Not so with the synthetics.  

Most name-brand synthetics routinely lubricate and flow as well at 10,000 miles as they did when new.  So much so that often the deciding factor in the factory requirements on when to do an oil change service are now determined by the capacity of the oil filter to do its’ job. Your VW’s engine design team has determined that one year or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first is satisfactory for proper engine protection over the long haul.   With the close tolerances built into your VW engine, ordinary oils are simply not up to the task.  Customers using synthetics can be confident that their engines are getting the best lubrication available when using these products. 

Langan VW Meriden recommends the Castrol EDGE line of synthetic engine oils!